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Here you will find information about our exhibitions.

Temporary exhibitions

Bengt Lindström - Seven deadly sins
Murberget County Museum has a very large and extensive collection of Bengt Lindström art. Now we have opened yet another colorful exhibition with Bengt Lindström works and texts focused on the theme of the seven deadly sins which Bengt worked on in Paris during the 1970s.

Everyone should fit in
The traveling exhibition "Everyone should fit in" is shown on Murberget during the period 21 October 2016-30 January 2017. It gives visitors a chance to put his or hers preconceptions to test - and ask what consequences they have for other people.

Permanent exhibitions

Meetings between the rivers
Many thousand years ago people lived and traveled the county´s waterways. The objects they left behind tell of life in the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages.


Sight for legend
Meet witches, rebellious peasants and evil forces. Learn more about people and events in the Middle Ages and up to the end of the 1600s through stories and legends.



Modern times
In modern times, you can look at objects, letters, art and photos from 1700 to 1900.






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