Open air museum

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Here you will find information about what to see and do at the open-air museum.

Our open Air Museum is one of the largest in the country with environments from both urban and rural areas. During the summer, there are people in the buildings. At the open-air museum, you can be part of a series of large and small events. Midsummer celebrations, singing, international party and a Christmas market are a few examples.

Houses and farms

The town square
Around the square there are buildings from old Harnosand: the Town Hall with its tower clocks which usually summons the market, the Russian lodge, tannery and a shop with a 1920s atmosphere.

The village
In the village you will find the Angermanland farm and the croft. There are also a school and the Spjute Inn. Theres is also a skittle alley where the skilled can strike a "battalion".

The Church and the vicarage
In the middle of the village is the church with its magnificent bell tower, vicarage with garden and church village with cottages and the parish store house.

The forest
In the forest you will find the lumberjacks lodge, the mountain pasture and a settlement for forest Sami. There are also mounds from the Bronze Age.

The manor
The manor once belonged to Åvike ironworks, one of Swedens oldest ironworks. Along with the manor there are wings and a garden house.



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